Commercial Refrigeration Condensing Units

Commercial refrigeration condensing units is specially designed for production processes that require low temperature processing such as freezing, cold preservation and refrigeration

Single Stage Compression Condensing Unit

The single-stage compression condensing unit is made of advanced high-efficiency compressor, matched with high-quality and high-efficiency condenser

Carbonated Drinks And Syrup Water Cooled Screw Type Chiller

40STD series low temperature chiller is a series of products developed, designed and manufactured

Industrial Explosion-Proof Water Cooled Chiller

Explosion-proof Water Cooled Chiller has the characteristics of explosion-proof, increased safety, oil-filled, sand-filled, non-sparking, potting and airtight, etc.,

Industrial Anti-Corrosion Screw Type Chiller

Industrial anti-corrosion screw type chiller for special industries with corrosion proof requirements. The product is availabe for custom with 60-3200kW and can be specially designed according to different needs.

Industrial And Commercial Corrosion Proof Unit

Industrial and commercial  corrosion proof unit designed and produced by Guangzhou BG for special industries with corrosion proof requirements

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