HVAC Water Cooling Tower Cooling Tower Manufacturer

he cooling tower is using curved twill heat-dissipating film, low noise, high cooling efficiency

Efficiency Cooling Tower

condensing unit is specially designed for the production process of cryogenic treatment such as freezing, refrigerating and cooling

Clean Room Constant Temperature And Humidity Air Conditioner

Square Type Counterflow Closed Circuit Cooling Tower

Industrial Cooling Tower For Chiller

his industrial cooling tower has low vibration, low noise, high efficiency and low power consumption,widely used in cooling and circulating water systems for refrigeration, air conditioning,

Integrated Air Handling Unit System

Air handling unit system

Cooling capacity:  25kW~888kW

evironment temperature:2-43℃

Industrial Water Cooling Tower

This kind  is our light cooling tower, whose color is orange or gray with  low vibration, low noise, high efficiency and low power consumption

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