Absorption Chiller

Why Absorption Chiller ?

  • Energy Saving :

    • Electricity consumption less than 3% off the cooling capacity. By using natural gas, operating cost is only 60% off compare in using electric chiller, Free Energy by using waste heat. Reduce on-peak electric   consumption and utilize the off-peak surplus gas.

    • Less investment, short  payback  period,  relatively   simple  system, low operation and maintenance fees,

    • 70% of primary energy is  lost  in  the  process  of power generation, transmission   and   distribution.  Absorption  chiller   equipment  is  the solution for the lost energy.

  • Extended Lifespan :

    • The lifespan of the absorption chiller are designed to operate 20 yearsup maximize recycling. Only sealing elements and electric components need to be replaced during the life span much lower maintenance cost.

  • Using Green Energy and Environment – Friendly :

    • Recycling energy, recovering industrial waste heat and using solar cellare using 100% green energy. By  using lithium bromide as absorber and water as refrigerant.

  • Facts of Absorption Chiller

    •  Absorption Chiller have save more than 4 million tons of oil and 22.5 million tons of coal, reduced more than 57 million tons of CO2, 85.000 tons of SO2 and more than 6.000 tons of CFC emissions to the global environment, and have prevented 160.000 of forests from desertification.

The Absorption Principles

When liquid evaporates, it absorbs heat from its surroundings. For example, to spread a drop of alcohol on your hand, you will feel very cool, as the alcohol absorbs heat from your hand. Evaporation is a basic theory to design many refrigeration equipment. Water evaporates at 1000 C under normal pressure
(760 mmHg), but can evaporate at very low temp, under vacuum condition.

By creating 6 mmHg pressure condition in an airtight vessel, water can evaporate even at 40C. The water vapor then migrates to the evaporator and the absorber where the lithium bromide solution (a very strong absorbent of water) absorbs the surrounding vapor continuously and keeps the low pressure condition in the evaporator /absorber vessel. All absorption chillers are designed as per the theory that water takes away the heat of the air conditioning system as it evaporates under vacuum conditions.

The lithium bromide solution absorbs the vapor ( transferring the heat of absorption  to   cooling water )  in a diluted solution which is pumped to a higher  pressure  where  heat ( from fuels, steam, hot water, flue gas, etc ) is added to re-vaporize the water. The concentrated LiBr solution returns to the absorber and water vapour to condenser to begin the process all over again.

Chiller System Illustration


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