We are living in a world of heightened anxiety about the future of energy. The concern is not just coal, oil, natural gas and electric power but nearly aspect of  the  energy  value  chain.The  stakes  are  high for  all  participants  in  the global economy – and especially for policymakers.

Air conditioning  is  essential  for  economic  development in the most  of the world. These systems contribute to health and   comfort,   worker  productivity and economi vitality. 

PT. Benua Green Energy  recognizes  that global warming, ozone  depletion, indoor air quality, noise pollution, water  conservation, recycle / reuse strategies  all affect  the  environment.  The 20th  Century was proof that air  conditioning is essential, but it also demonstrated that conventional air conditioning’s reliance on electric  power has caused economic,  natural resource and environmental stress that must be eliminated.

To assist governments in developing  economic,  energy,  and  environmental sustainability,  PT.  Benua  Green  Energy is pleased to announce Non-Electric Air Conditioning System  ( LiBr Absorption Chiller ) powered by clean and recyclable energies. Our  absorption  chillers  also  use non polluting  -  refrigerant.  The company has a continual goal of enhancing energy efficiency and minimizing pollution, reduction investment in dozens of power station.

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